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​​​Every bag of Carmel Yum Yums begins with the magic of my homemade caramel sauce. A great gluten free snack!
Our Yum Yums come in a  variety of flavors including: Original carmel,  French toast, Carmel cheesecake  and our sweet and spicy Cajun, to name a few.  Each month there is a "Flavor of the Month" To  follow the changing seasons of Michigan!

Made out of corn meal and gluten free, our products are a great alternative to regular caramel corn. No hulls, seeds, or artificial colors!

Each flavor has its own unique qualities and can be used as a delightful snack for any event; large or small. Add a bit of milk and it becomes the gourmet cereal you have always craved.

Carmel Yum Yums are baked fresh on site in my  nut free commercial kitchen and can be frozen in the original packaging (if sealed) for up to 4 months.

Check our website regularly to see what the Flavor of the Month is and discover what new, tempting deliciousness we've created for you!

Once you try them you will be addicted!

Yes we do things a little differently but, I believe that is what makes my products unique! 

Thanks for stopping by. 

                                                                                                   Sincerely, Tonya


Made in Michigan

Gluten Free

No  Artificial Colors

Formed by taking a chance and believing in myself !