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It's Not Your Grandma's Recipe!

Snacking at its best! Is it a snack or is it a cereal? A favorite among my customers that cannot decide which way to indulge..

​​​​7 oz bag $6.00

7 oz bag  $6.00

7 oz bag $6.00

​​​​Flavor of the Month!

Gluten Free!

​My original recipe and how it all started!. Crisp and chewy light and buttery all things delicious!

Carmel and Cinnamon



​​Carmel Cheesecake

Puffed caramel corn

7 oz bag $6.00


7 oz bag $6.00

Made in Michigan

My unique spin on Chicago style.A blend of caramelized buttery puff and cheddar in one delicious bite! All things beautiful and delicious! We are Michiganders!

Lemon Meringue!

Carmel and Cajun - an interesting mix of my sweet carmel  sauce and then the delayed heat of cajun spice. It is not ghost-pepper hot but, you will feel the heat!

French Toast

7 oz bag $6.00

7 oz bag $6.00

Wake up and smell the coffee! Carmel and coffee that is, oh so delicious.



The Michigander

Dessert anytime with my personal favorite! 

Nut Free!